An original story by Readwritelivenikki.

Chapter 1 Edit

I couldn't wait to die. Death was the most important thing in our lives. I remember when I was 6, and hearing the president announce that whoever died would go to paradise, and live happily ever after. But only if we died a natural death. Almost everybody in the US was excited.

It's funny to think that 1000 years ago, people were afraid of it. At school were reading about that time period, 2012. We learned about how everybody used cars that ran on something called petroleum, and planes too! They didn't have ripplers or sky splitters! I find that so funny, considering almost everybody has one.

My father is the founder of a huge company that makes sky splitters for other countries too. I grew up very wealthy. All my needs were taken care of. I was safe, healthy, and popular. But I wanted only one thing: death.

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